Randy R. McCalla, Johnson County Attorney

At the Law Offices of Randy R. McCalla, P.A. in Olathe, Kansas I am convinced that proper legal assistance by concerned and committed advocates can make a difference in the life of a child or an adult. As a juvenile defense attorney for a teen charged with a criminal offense, a Johnson County Child-in-Need-of-Care lawyer working on behalf of concerned grandparents, and as counsel for an adult charged with drug possession, I have seen that difference.

If you, your child, or a loved one is involved in the Juvenile Justice or Child in Need of Care system, or you are facing criminal charges, it is important that you consult with an attorney at the first opportunity to preserve and protect your rights. Contact our firm and make arrangements for a free consultation at our office in Olathe, Kansas if you would like to speak with an attorney. I will evaluate your situation and suggest the best course of action to protect you or the child in question.

In order to offer the best possible legal representation to all of our clients, we focus on three areas we practice :

  • Juvenile law, defending minors against charges ranging from those for minor infractions to those for serious felonies such as sex crimes or homicide
  • Child in Need of Care Law, representing parents, grandparents, foster parents, and other interested parties in custody actions and adoption proceedings in the foster care system
  • DUI and drug possession defense, protecting the rights of clients who have been charged with any type of state or municipal violation